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Originally Posted by RKBUmp View Post
As for cancelling obstruction, per the rule, obstruction is not cancelled until the runner reaches the base the umpire judges they would have absent the obstruction, AND there is a subsequent play on a different runner.
This is the key. Short of INT or malicious contact/collision, there's not much an obstructed runner can do which results in an out. If the OBS-runner violates the LBR, the ball is dead and we ignore LBR, and award bases accordingly. (EDIT to add: The rationale is that the defense erred first....we do not penalize the offense for their base running violation (LBR) on the same pitch after the defense has already violated.)

Somehow, I completely screwed up a situation similar to this last weekend (the OBS-runner was rounding 3B). The runner was going to score, but was obstructed. She fell down and returned to 3B where she was tagged after reaching safely. My brain fell out, and I did not properly award home.
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