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Not the exact play and it is from USA, but as Irish stated, the lookback rule is not listed as an exception to the obstruction rule.

Play: With no outs, R1 on 1B, B2 hits a ground ball to the outfield. R1 rounds 2B and is obstructed halfway to 3B. B2 is standing still between 2B and 3B when the ball is returned to F1 in the circle. F1 makes no attempt to play on R1. Immediately after F1 receives the ball in the circle, R1 starts moving back toward 2B. Prior to reaching 2B, R1 reverses her direction and runs safely to 3B. What is the ruling?
Ruling: Once R1, the obstructed runner, violates the Look Back Rule, the umpire should call dead ball, and award R1and B2 the base or bases which would have been reached, in the umpire’s judgment, had there not been obstruction. Violation of the Look Back Rule does not meet any of the exceptions of protecting the runner between the bases they were obstructed. Rule 8, Section 7T [1-2] EFFECT: and Rule 8, Section 5B [2] Exception.
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