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NFHS Obstruction by F2?

Hello again,

It has been a long time since I stopped by.

I have a quick question, based on a video play I saw recently. FED only, 1 out R3 only. Batter puts the bunt down, and it's a suicide squeeze. F1 picks it up, throws home to F2 who is straddling the plate, with the plate between his feet.
R3 gets there as F2 catches the ball, and slides headfirst as tag is made.

Is F2 guilty of OBS when he straddles the plate, or does FED consider that R3 has access to the base and so this position is not OBS unless F2 does something else to cause OBS?

I thought I read a ruling where F2 cannot straddle the plate like that, but I may be wrong. If you want to see the play, it is:
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