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As mentioned before, do you want a bag for all 3 sports? If so, your options are limited to smaller carry bags, such as the Diamond 25" club bag ($49.99), or wheeled bags that may not work as well for baseball. Baseball equipment tends to be too big for standard bags (I used an oversized Nike carry bag to carry my baseball equipment last season), because baseball umpires have to carry plate protective gear, uniforms, shoes for both umpiring home plate and on the bases, and hats. All this gear takes up a lot of space. I would recommend that you get something like the Force3 Ultimate 32" Umpire Equipment Bag on Wheels, if your boyfriend is serious about umpiring baseball. It will definitely save him from injuring his back when carrying his equipment to and from games. It costs more $139.99, but it comes with multiple compartments (one for protective equipment, and one for clothes). Your boyfriend can use the clothes portion of the bag for his basketball and football seasons, and all of the bag for baseball season.
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