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You probably won't find a single bag that works for all three, but you can find one that works for football and basketball easily enough.

Personally, I just use a high-quality airplane carry-on sized suitcase for football and basketball.

For football season, I actually have two bags: one for Friday night high school games, and a second one for Saturday afternoon college games. That way I don't have to worry about repacking when I get home on Friday night; I can pack both bags on Wednesday or Thursday and just grab my Saturday bag on the way out the door in the morning.

The single carry-on bag doesn't really work for baseball though, because all of the plate gear (chest protector, shin guards, mask, etc) won't fit in there. So, for baseball, I keep those things (along with my plate and base shoes), in a separate, larger bag that basically lives in the trunk of my car for the duration of the season. My uniform pants, shirts, and undergarments then live in my football/baseball bag.

Oh, and give him the receipt for the bag, so he can claim it as a tax deduction.
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