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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
To all those who say “just make your free throws”, you are missing the point. The problem in basketball is that the penalty does not fit the crime. In baseball, if a fielder obstructs a runner, the runner is awarded the next base. In football, if a defender commits pass interference, the offense gets the ball at the spot as if the pass were completed.

But in basketball, assuming a 75% FT shooter, the defense can commit a foul to prevent a sure layup, and the offended team only gets 1.5 points, instead of 2. And the coach will yell “Good Foul”. A team is gaining an advantage by committing an illegal act.
The game is about the most popular in our country across the board. Only football is more watched at all levels. Baseball for young kids is a total afterthought and you are complaining as if people really care about this. Fans like drama at the end of the game. When you make FTs, the drama ends.

Again, they get 5 fouls for a reason. Nothing in the rules says you cannot foul a player on purpose. And basketball is the main sport where a foul or violation of the rules allows the team an opportunity to score directly from the foul (I know soccer has a penalty shot and so does hockey, but those are rare in those game) Even the Intentional Foul is not called because it was done intentionally. It is called because of specific actions that are outside of normal play, which could involve excessive contact. So if I try to block a shot and I know that I am likely going to be called for a foul, an intentional foul should be called? Sorry, that sounds silly. Because there are times in the game when a defender wants to foul near the basket to send a message they will be there all game.

I do not see people walking away from the game over this issue. There is always something to complain about, but that does not mean it is not accepted by many. Again, make FTs and the strategy does not work.

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