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Connecticut Shot Clock ...

Originally Posted by BryanV21 View Post
The biggest reason I'm against the shot clock coming to Ohio is I don't trust that it would be run correctly, and would create something else us officials would have to keep an eye on. Basically, the pros of a shot clock are not big enough for me to be for it.
Agree. We only use a shot clock for private prep school varsity games here in Connecticut as part of the hybrid NFHS/NCAA rules used on such games. Most of the time there's a student shot clock operator, usually a student team manager. A few do a good job, a few do a fair job, many do a terrible job, despite going over instructions with them before the game.

As game officials, we have the ability to do away with the shot clock in games where the operator is clearly having a great deal of difficulty. I've been part of crews that have been forced to use this nuclear option several times over the years.

From our statewide prep school guidelines:

If the shot clock operator has no or limited knowledge/experience:
- Be considerate; welcome individual to your “team”
- Review basic duties; do not provide an extended clinic

If the shot clock operator or shot clock presents ongoing mistakes or malfunctions; consider:
- Removal and replacement
- Removal and officiate game with no shot clock

Year after year, the shot clock continues to be an ongoing problem.
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