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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie View Post
Those alleging the game is "fine" are just fooling themselves. The game is not fine and has been going downhill for many years. The issues the OP raises, I raised here 10+ years ago. Too many on here have bought into the idiotic idea that committing rules infractions to gain an advantage is an acceptable part of any sport. Honestly, it is no wonder there is a college basketball recruiting scandal. Coaches know they can cheat on the floor and get away with it; why not do it in recruiting?
Yes, college basketball is one of the most popular sports during the sports year and we are fooling ourselves how? This site part of the site is the most popular than any other sport discussed.

What do players maybe being paid have anything to do with strategy at the end of the game that rarely works if the team takes advantage and makes their FTs? Because football must be in trouble too because they have scandals often about players getting extra benefits to go to their school or not to go to their school. (e.g Reggie Bush, Cam Newton allegations). Many more vacated wins in football than you ever see in basketball honestly. Just the Penn State situation is enough proof of that fact.

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