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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie View Post
Those alleging the game is "fine" are just fooling themselves. The game is not fine and has been going downhill for many years. The issues the OP raises, I raised here 10+ years ago.

Yawn. The debate on this goes back way farther than that. Long ago it was 1 FT for a foul (after the limit?), so fouling was a major strategy.

How much intentional fouls in the lagging moments are enforced as such has gone back and forth like a pendulum. Double bonus was created to make fouling a less effective strategy. The shot clock reduces it as a strategy.

But the reality is it is part of the game and par to of the ethos of the game. And I think the reality is that most basketball fans enjoy it as part of the game--so long as it is not extreme (e.g., Hack-a-Shaq type off ball fouls not in the final minute or the deliberate fouling that continues when there is no chance of a comeback).

Getting worse? I think not. I played back in the 80s (before double bonus). I don't see any more intentional fouling in my son's HS games than back in the games I played--indeed, I think there is less, as the shot clock (CA) means that they can play defense at times where we could only steal or foul.

But I do think (in many games) officials are too reluctant to call the intentional foul when there is no play on the ball. IMHO the grab of the waist of the player from behind should be called intentional--but only if it is clearly communicated to teams that it will be.
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