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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie View Post
Coaches are more than willing to trade 2 made free throws by the other team for multiple attempts at a 3 point shot. If they've got a couple of good outside shooters, all the better. So the rules inherently give the team breaking those rules an advantage -- at least in some cases.
No advantage is given in your scenario unless they want to get it. If the leading team is confident they can make their free throws they can then foul the team behind before they get up a 3 point shot. If they really think the opponents are that great of 3 point shooter. Or they could play appropriate defense and deny they 3 points causing the opponents to only score 2 while running time off.

This rule does not need changed. They arguments are always the same. The game takes to long, its boring, bla bla bla. What they are really saying is we want athleticism to trump basketball skills. i.e. Deandre Jordan.
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