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From the articles I saw, it was garbled as to whether it was a New York Supreme Court judge (the state trial court), or a lower level judge--I saw both asserted in articles.

While I think there is no chance an appellate court would uphold this nonsense--overturning a judgment call in court!?!?!?--I doubt it will get there. She got to play the playoff game; she lost. The order had all the appearances of a TRO or preliminary injunction. If she drops the matter now, presumably she will serve her suspension in the first game of next year. Is her family likely to continue spending money to make her eligible for that game? I doubt it. So there is nothing to appeal and if hte association tried to appeal it would likely be dismissed as moot. (Unless, I think, the high school association wants to extend the litigation by arguing that the appellate court can hear their moot challenge under the mushy standard of likely to be repeated yet evade review. But is the association going to want to spend money chasing that?)
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