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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
??? What does that mean ???

If a defender isn't in legal position, contact created by the offense can still be a block and usually is. And for that matter, red had both feet down 3-4 times.

I think it is still a block, but it has to be for the right reasons.
What I was getting at was red lost LGP as white beat him driving perpendicular to the endline. However on his last step white changes his direction by about 45 degrees. On this new trajectory red is in his path. However after white's last step although red is now in his path I don't think red ever has two feet down again to reestablish LGP but does he need to becasue isn't red entitled to that stop on the floor as he got there first. I liken it to the situation of a guard in the open court dribbling with a defender running next to him. If the guard changes direction to run over the defender next to him I'm not calling a block on him.
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