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Originally Posted by deecee View Post
Are you aware of WHO actually write the rules? It's the coaches. They make the rules, that we enforce, that they complain about.

Officials arguing and discussing what rules would make the game better is pointless st. Therefor our opinions don't matter, nor should they.
Couple of points here-- EVERYTHING on his board is pointless. That is why I like it. Second-- an integral part of my post and the discussion is calling intentional fouls.. that is us.

And if I may add a third meta-point-- not sure why people spend time or energy writing that someone should not have posted something. If you disagree with a point then, by all means, weigh in with your point of view. But to just spend the time and energy to tell someone their post wasnt worth making strikes me as a bit negative and needless. Why not just read on, and ignore posts that dont appeal. Why take the time to reply that someone elses post was not valid. Seems like the kind of personality that would do that is the same kind of personality type that complains about every call when they are a coach.
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