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The parents have more dollars than sense. The parents have told this girl that bad behavior is ok. That rules donít matter, that there are consequences to the actions. The one administrator for Red Creek... players have to have due process prior to a suspension? Really I wonder where this guy got his law degree and studied the 5th and 14th Amendment.... but I guess the judge buy into that ridiculous theory too....

Does this judge understand what he has opened up? Of course the Court of Appeals in New York will never let it stand but the layer made his money and the player LOST in the next game.

Yeah right letís allow any call that that someone disagrees with ... look the courts are overcrowded as it is and then add this nonsense. Maybe the New York Judge should just look to a couple of previous cases

Alan Goldberger - Why Courts Should Not Overturn a Referee's Call

I have not researched every case but standard American law is that judges donít intervene and I just donít se how she has any chance to win on the merits... but hey, Iím not licensed in New York...
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