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Originally Posted by bucky View Post
On bit of a side note....

Generally speaking, there has to be contact for there to be a foul. Given that concept, I think there should be reform that penalizes illegal things that don't have contact, but affect the defense. This is close to being a good example. If someone sets a screen with their feet wider than deemed by the rules, they should be penalized, specifically if it affects the defense. If there is contact, the call is easy. Now, if the defense runs, because of the wide stance, in an adverse pattern to avoid contact, I think the screener should be penalized. I'm thinking violation. Without contact, we have excessive elbow swinging being a violation. Why not a new one for an illegal screen without contact.

Stupid? Genius? Other acts that might be treated similarly?
What about a player attempting to block a shot such that the shooter has to adjust to get around it. If not for that, the defender may have very well hit the shooter's arm. Are we calling something on that because the shooter had to adjust and, in the process of doing so, avoiding creating a foul on the defender and missed the shot?
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