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Originally Posted by Paintguru View Post
I don't necessarily disagree with the OP...the end of basketball games, from the NBA to HS, is typically tedious and boring when you get into FT shooting contests. I don't agree that any foul in the last two minutes should equal 2FT and possession though, as that doesn't solve the issue, and penalizes legitimate defensive play.

I wonder what would happen if you gave the fouled team the option to shoot FT or take the ball out of bounds...just thinking off the top of my head. I know this has been discussed for hack-a-shaq situations, which is also an issue. I've never understood why you force a team to take a reward and don't give them a choice since they are the offended party.
I’d be up with the option—high school rules 70-80 years ago gave that option.

I’d add a caveat—the offended team could either inbound at the spot of the foul or at 3/4 court—with no defense allowed in the backcourt (penalty: technical foul) until the ball gains front court status. “Free-ins” so to speak.
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