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Originally Posted by Paintguru View Post
I don't necessarily disagree with the OP...the end of basketball games, from the NBA to HS, is typically tedious and boring when you get into FT shooting contests. I don't agree that any foul in the last two minutes should equal 2FT and possession though, as that doesn't solve the issue, and penalizes legitimate defensive play.

I wonder what would happen if you gave the fouled team the option to shoot FT or take the ball out of bounds...just thinking off the top of my head. I know this has been discussed for hack-a-shaq situations, which is also an issue. I've never understood why you force a team to take a reward and don't give them a choice since they are the offended party.
So the losing team would just continue fouling and the winning team will continue taking the ball out. That won't speed up the game.
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