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Originally Posted by HokiePaul View Post
Late game fouling is a desperation move when there is no other option.

In most sports, the losing team will become more and more desperate and take more and more risks as the clock winds down. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Hockey teams pull the goalie, football teams waste a down by spiking the ball and killing the clock, basketball teams foul and give the other team free throws, baseball teams sub out balanced player for an offensive pinch hitter or pinch runner, etc. It's certainly not something that needs to be prohibited.
but none of those "desperation" strategies involve intentional breaking of the rules, and none of those stop the clock every 3 seconds and make the last 30 seconds of a game last twenty minutes. Make basketball teams that are behind use other "desperation" moves-- double teaming the ball in an attempt to steal, defenders comming to stealing a pass, giving up quality guarding positions, going to full court press, etc. Those can all be done.. and not make the end of a game a farce.
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