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Basketball Needs To Be Fixed

The last two minutes of most games is atrocious. I cant think of another sport where the over-riding driver of one of the teams on the floor is to deliberately break the rules again and again. Intentional fouling is ruining the game, especially in High School ball with no shot clock. It makes a mockery of the game-- devaluing sportmanship, flow and athleticism. It's out of whack if a team can gain advantage by breaking the rule (and, in reality they sometimes can gain advantage by fouling, or they wouldn't be doing it) then the penalty for that foul is not sever enough. A simple rule change can eliminate most of the nonsense. Any foul in the last 2 minutes is automatic 2 FT and possession. Maybe you dont like that, and it would be drastic, how about we start calling any foul that is intentional-- an "intentional foul"
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