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Originally Posted by Randa16 View Post
Not sure if it was the tournament or a full moon but this weekend was just ridiculous.

Please forgive this is going to be long

I will save you Saturday games but had 3 Tís in 2 games. Not good

Sunday 4 games same tournament
First game out 7th grade boys. On the tip red gets possession and passes up high both players go up for ball and red players gets popped in nose I call the foul look turn and red player is bleeding all over the place. It looked like a crime scene and took 10 minutes to clean it all up. It was a game where green team was far better then red. Red coach starts crying over every play. Well here comes the player who was bleeding checking into the game, partner calls him in and I stop him cause he has blood all over his jersey. I tell coach (it was his son) he canít play because if it. He throws a fit and sends parent to get supervisor. So supervisor walks up and says no he canít play with that Jersey covered in blood get him a different jersey and itís fine. Kid without missing a beat says itís the refs fault I am fing hurt, I turn to coach and say donít worry about the jersey he is done. Coach is going crazy, supervisor points to the side and says I will stay close (I think he knew what was coming) we shoot the Tís. Two minutes later partner calls a foul and coach throws plastic clipboard down hard enough it breaks hit him with a T and he again goes crazy (score was 32-12 so not even close) supervisor walks over and again says we are done here ball game.

Second game goes great
3rd game goes great
Championship game for the fourth
Went good had to T up white coach. Blue team set a pic and when point came through he extended foot tripping him. I called intentional foul. He went crazy and asked if I read the rule book or just make it up as I go boom here is your T. He started running his mouth later and I said coach it would be a shame if you get that second T and your team has to forfeit, he was really quiet after that.

It was a long weekend and not doing that tournament ever again
Perhaps he was familiar with your philosophy on calling illegal screens!

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