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Originally Posted by johnny d View Post
Illegal screen. Turning of the torso may have been to absorb contact, but he turned such that his torso (right shoulder) was moving forward into the defender at the time of the screen.
That is really splitting hairs.

Despite the turn, even if it was just a bit towards the opponent. I see that turn as a movement to protect himself from getting crushed. He even stepped away with the left foot.

Originally Posted by zm1283 View Post
The rule book even states that on a blind screen the player being screened may not see the screener in time to avoid contact and the collision might be severe but should be ruled incidental.

If you feel like the defensive player saw the screener and displaced him, push on the defense.

This wasn't a blind screen, the defender was running forward right at it. Just because he had is head turned doesn't make it blind. It just means he wasn't looking where he was going. A blind screen is one set outside of the visual field and visual field is defined as behind the screened player.

Push on the defender.
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