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Play 8...block. Offensive player got around him and defender was moving into dribbler.

Play 9...illegal screen. This went largely uncalled for years but, after some emphasis on screens, is now getting called.

Play 10...not really any pressure off the tip. Not much for the new-C to look at once he determines that and sees that the T has turned around. The T did get down the court a little far for "trailing" the play. I would suggest staying at mid-court until the ball passes the division line.

Play 11. Maybe a bit of round heels but the dribbler did still knock him back. PC foul is fine.

Play 12. Good call. The contact removed an opponent from contention for the rebound and it wasn't clear that the right team was going to come up with the ball. If he had held off, white may have lost it.
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