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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Regarding the original post, I, personally, would stay out of it, but if I did want to get involved, which I don't, this travel coach has to answer to somebody.

Somebody publicizes league tryouts, somebody supplies the gymnasiums, somebody buys the uniforms, somebody pays for insurance, somebody pays the officials, somebody pays the custodian to open the school, somebody asked this guy to be a coach, and gave him the authority to coach the team, etc.

In my town it would be the Parks and Recreation Department, and we have a Parks and Recreation Director. That's the guy who would get a call from me, if I did want to get involved, which I don't.

Of course, the usual caveat, check your local listings. Offers may vary.
Sadly, a lot of the tourney's put on are more interested in getting teams in and collecting the team entry fee than they are backing officials or seeing that an ejected player or coach sits the next game as they would in a HS contest with NFHS rules as the umbrella.

The youth leagues I work stand behind the sportsmanship thing very sternly with their coaches and players and they support the officials. I don't see the same at AAU Tourneys. Hell, look what Adidas did when LaVarr Ball griped about the women officiating his team's game in Vegas. That is in part why I will never own a pair of Adidas in the future. It's a small amount of money they are losing but it's the principle for me.
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