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For the record, I would never call this a technical in high school. He mainly touches the rim. He does not really grab the rim. But if he did for some reason, he is flying at a player that is on the floor while out of bounds and you can tell he has to think about his land. So that alone would not make me call this a technical foul.

I do not call a technical anytime a player uses profanity but those are also not a distinction in the rulebook as to when or how. The profanity for me has to be egregious or very loud or likely towards an opponent. But if a player falls down and hurts their knee very badly, I would not give a T if they said some words out loud as they are in pain. This at best is a touch of the rim. It was a great call too BTW.

Finally, I would rule the exact same in both high school and college if this play happened. Call the obvious.

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