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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
I know our “T” thresholds are all different, but I just wanted to take the pulse of the Forum:

4th Grade Boys Travel, at halftime, the 1st place team is losing a close game to a sub-.500 team. Huddle is 10 feet from where partner and I are sitting. HC screaming at his players “That team STINKS”! I can’t believe you are losing to them (points to the other team), this will wreck our playoff seeding. You’d better get it together in the 2nd half!”
Obviously at the HS level, nothing, but 4th graders…I didn’t do anything, anybody whacking him?

8th grade girls, travel playoff game, in the first minute I notice Team A HC and 2 ACs standing. At the next dead ball, I tell the HC that the ACs must be seated. He says OK, and AC1 immediately sits down. I walk back to administer the throw-in, and I see AC2 still standing. I look over at him, and he says “I am scratching my back”. Then he sits. Not giving that T bothered me more than the first one. Just took me a little too long to process what he said.
I Coach 5th grade boys travel...I also have reffed a lot of lower level stuff in my 19 seasons. I'm probably not T'ing that up (despite my despise for this guy and that coaching style). I guess some guys think that doesn't work for me and my players and it's not my style as a coach. I'm gonna get more out of my kids without demeaning them or my opponent. We focus on what we are doing well and what we need to do better at. My concern with the other team stops at what sets they are running against us and what I need to have my kids do. And I could give a rat's about my seeding...we gotta play whomever we play.

Positive Coaching Alliance program should be MANDATORY for every youth coach...problem is, if you got a few kids and a couple hundred bucks, you too can be a bball coach!
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