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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
I know our “T” thresholds are all different, but I just wanted to take the pulse of the Forum:

4th Grade Boys Travel, at halftime, the 1st place team is losing a close game to a sub-.500 team. Huddle is 10 feet from where partner and I are sitting. HC screaming at his players “That team STINKS”! I can’t believe you are losing to them (points to the other team), this will wreck our playoff seeding. You’d better get it together in the 2nd half!”

Obviously at the HS level, nothing, but 4th graders…I didn’t do anything, anybody whacking him?

I’m likely to be in the minority, but I would seriously consider it, and likely regret it if I passed. There’s no place in youth sports for that. No 10 year old kid should have to hear an adult say that about him/her.

I cringe when I hear a coach yelling things like “she can’t dribble” when the whole gym can hear it, especially when it’s intentional to get into the head of a youth player. The win at all costs mentality in youth sports is sickening. It’s unsporting behavior that I feel needs addressed at younger age groups. I choose to have a positive impact on and support youth players who can’t defend themselves from thoughtless or ruthless adults.

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