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Originally Posted by Big_Blue_Wannabe View Post

I didn’t think there was enough contact to warrant a foul on that 3 point shot, not to mention that the lead had no business making that call.
Not enough contact? The ball fell 5 feet short as a result of the contact. Hard to not have a foul on that.

As for who called it. The T was racing up the court in transition and was straightlined to the contact (which came from the L's side). There is absolutely nothing else to look at with under 2 seconds on the clock but the shot. And, it was the closest matchup to the endline. What else would the L be looking at. The L better be looking there to help since there rest of the players were irrelevant.

If the L doesn't call it, and the coach or assignor asks why, "Not my call" isn't the right answer.
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