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Those letters are approximately 3 feet wide. He was mostly on the "L" when he was given the ball. The spot is 3 feet wide but his stance was probably about 2'. The edge of the space would be at most 1' to either side of where he started....middle of the "O" at most. He was almost completely past the "O" by the time he released the ball. Good call.

That said, why did they give him the ball at that spot. The throwin spot should have actually been where he released the ball from. The violation that preceded that throw in came from the top of the key yet they put the ball in play several feet outside of the lane, even several feet past the hash mark (which was in the middle of the "U". Putting the throw in spot at the wrong place made that throwin more difficult than it should have been....the closer to the corner you get, the worse the angle to get the ball in.
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