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About 10 years ago, I was in the stands at an NCAA D1 game. As is the case at lot of places, the students had seating there on the base line. While play was at the other end of the floor, a foul was called, and while the ref was reporting the foul to the table, I was shocked to see one of the students run out to half court yelling at the ref as he reported the foul. It turned out that just next to the student seating, an on duty police officer was having a heart attack, and the student was trying to get somebody's attention. Play was stopped for about 15 minutes while the medics tended to the officer, and then, after a short warm up period, play resumed at the point of interruption.

I am sure the ref was shocked to see a student run out on the floor yelling at him. And, in hindsight, while the student probably would have been better off not running onto the court and instead finding another officer to get the guy help, the truth is that when something like that happens so suddenly and unexpectedly, no one is thinking clearly! I was glad to see that nobody seemed to get upset about the way it went down.

Most importantly, I found out that the officer made a full recovery.
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