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Originally Posted by mattmets View Post
This sounds exactly like a few coaches I know, which I'm pretty sure is only an hour or so south of you I called my first technical a couple of weeks ago on a coach who clapped and yelled "Yay we got one!" when a foul was called against his opponent. I never knew how I'd know when it was time to finally whack a guy....then I knew.
I totally understand what you are saying.

I had not given one in my career. I had taken a fair amount of heat on this board for not doing so. I had never felt the need as we have pretty respectful coaches in our area and they treat me well. My method of communication/handling offiicials has worked.

In the last couple of weeks, I have given two Ts. Not surprisingly they were to coaches from other areas that I never see. Not sure if they were testing me, or if they act like that where they usually play their games.

One basically told me my crew was pulling for the other team. Whack!!!!!

The other was making smart ass comments over and over and over, the same comments, about the fouls against his team. Whack!!!!

Felt good!!!!!!!

I understand why some of you guys hand out Ts on a regular basis. Sounds like you guys deal with a lot more stuff than we have to in our part of the world. I imagine what I gave Ts for, you guys see on a regular basis?
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