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Casebook ...

10.3.3 SITUATION A: A1 is dribbling rapidly toward A’s basket and appears to
have an uncontested opportunity to score. B1 comes in quickly from the side and
violently undercuts A1 who is in the act of shooting. A1 momentarily grasps the
ring to regain balance and avoid injury. RULING: A1 is not penalized for grasping
the ring, as it clearly was done to prevent possible injury. B1 is charged with a flagrant
personal foul and is disqualified. Whether the try was successful or not, A1
is awarded two free throws with no players along the lane. Following the last
throw, Team A is awarded the ball for a throw-in at the out-of-bounds spot nearest
to where the foul occurred.

10.3.3 SITUATION B: A1 jumps for a try near the basket but loses his/her balance
after releasing the ball. A1 grasps the basket to prevent injury. The ball: (a)
is; or (b) is not, in the basket or on the ring while A1 is hanging on the ring.
RULING: In (a), it is basket interference by A1 which causes the ball to become
dead and no goal can be scored. In (b), there is no violation unless A1 is still
hanging on the ring when the ball touches the basket or goes into the basket. In
both (a) and (b), A1’s grasping is not penalized if it is judged there was a possi
bility of injury had he/she not grasped the basket. (9-1)

10.3.3 SITUATION C: A1 dunks the ball, then grasps the ring: (a) to avoid possible
injury as he/she has lost his/her balance; or (b) because A2 or B1 is lying
on the floor directly under the basket. RULING: Grasping the ring to prevent
injury as in (a) or (b), is permitted without penalty.

10.3.3 SITUATION D: Only a few seconds remain in the second quarter. Team
A is advancing the ball from backcourt to frontcourt. A1 is driving toward his/her
basket and is about to dunk the ball when the signal indicates the end of the first
half. Shortly after the signal, A1 dunks the ball and hangs on to the rim. RULING:
A1 is assessed a technical foul for dunking a dead ball. The foul is also charged
indirectly to the head coach and results in the loss of coaching-box privileges
since A1 is considered bench personnel. The third quarter begins with Team B
being awarded two free throws and the ball at the division line. The alternatingpossession
arrow is not affected and remains unchanged. (4-34-2; 5-6-2
Exception 4)
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