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Originally Posted by Zoochy View Post
So let's just say you are not calling a travel violation because B5 has not controlled the ball until she grabs it with two hands. What if the defender fouls her during the spin? Is this a continuation foul???

1) There is no such thing as a "continuation foul".

2a) Bob has brought up a could point: When did B5 stop her dribble?

2b) Between Bob and me there are four possible points in her spin move where B5 could be judged to have ended her Dribble.

2c) Bob is younger than me and has better eye sight. In his judgement B5 ended her Dibble by cupping the Ball with her right hand against the right side of her torso while her left foot is in contact with the Floor. I agree with Bob that B5's foot work after she stopped her Dribble by cupping the Ball to her torso and before she released the Ball for a FGA constitutes a Traveling Violation.

3a) I am old and my eye sight is not as good as that young whippersnapper Bob's eyesight, . Based upon viewing of the video I do not have B5 committing a Travel Violation because of when and how she ended her Dribble.

3b) B5 gained Player Control of the Ball when she caught the Pass from B4. She maintained PC of the Ball until she released the Ball for a FGA. B5's Act of Shooting began when she ended her dribble and the Act of Shooting did not end until B5 returned to the Floor after releasing the Ball for the FGA. Therefore, if a Player from Team A had fouled B5 at any point after she ended her Dribble and before she returned to the Floor after releasing the Ball for the FGA, B5 would have been fouled in the Act of shooting.

But I want to reiterate, that from the moment that B5 started her spin to the moment that she released the Ball for her FGA, no more than 1.5 seconds, maybe less (I am leaning toward less, maybe barely one second). And an official has to make a decision as to where and how B5 stopped her Dribble based upon what an Player whose motion took less than a second. That is why I have no problem with Bob having a Travel Violation and another official have no Travel Violation. The players are just getting too darn quick. LOL!

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