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Originally Posted by so cal lurker View Post
And isn't that really when the three second count really matters? When an offensive player is posting up and the defender has to play hard defense--not fair to have to do that for more than three seconds in the key. (Though it seems some lower level refs are much more interested in calling the toe on the line by the un-involved player than the stud posting up hard for five seconds in the key.)
I work a youth league every year and the new officials that come on do this and it drives me nuts...ball is being worked around the perimeter and we get a whistle for 3 seconds. Exercise a little patience and see if a jumpshot or dribble drive might create a weak side rebound or an entry pass comes in there that might result in a real advantage being gained. Truthfully, if I call 3 seconds, I've talked to them at least once (Get outta the lane white)...and they've been in there more than 3 or 4 seconds and the above scenario is going on. Simply standing in there or a toe on the lane line is not really gaining an advantage without something else happening.
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