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Conference rivalry, first conference game of the season back in December.

Visiting team owns the first half, home team claws back into the game in the second half.

Final minute, visiting team uses its final TO. Afterwards, with 18.6s left, home team down by two (they've never led), needs to go the length of the floor. I'm C opposite. With 8 seconds left, they find a shooter open in the T's corner and she nails the go-ahead three. The place goes nuts, and knowing that the visiting coach is out of TOs, I simply stare at the home coach expecting her to call a TO in order to set up her defense.

She doesn't. Rookie coach. Caught up in the moment. Failed to act.

Visiting team, almost as if they've practiced this exact scenario, inbounds the ball with the clock running at 6, gets a quick outlet pass tableside, and they find the streaking wide open girl on the other end who one-dribbles in for the game winning layup with 1 second left.

I didn't really need to emphatically score the goal (it was clearly in time), but I did anyway. I've never seen quite the look of stunned disbelief as I saw along the home bench. We got to run right by it while we escaped the gym.

In a season otherwise somewhat devoid of nutcutters, this was a pleasant exception.
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