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Last HS game of the year is two boys JV squads. Never seen a rivalry of this scale.

First foul on a drive from above the arc towards the paint I am putting the ball on the side. Home coach is so upset of where he gets the ball he calls a TO to tell me I am wrong...

A few more trips and I stop the game and give a warning... it was down hill from there.

I am lead a player tries to go through a mess and loses the ball and a player kicks it. Whistle! Kick!
Big guy gets bumped from behind after the whistle turns around two hands shoves the player to the ground! Tweet technical foul.

Home (White) is now hitting threes and the lead is getting away early and will stay 20 plus but green doesnt care. This is a rivalry and people will die...

Later a green player gets into it with a white player taunting him. My partner calls another T.

Later home coach gets into it with my partner and he gets a T.

Later White 5 the center after the whistle blows shoves Green 44 (earlier guy who got a deadball technical) and he gets a T.

Green 44 on a FT rebound instead of going into the key throws an elbow into the head of White 5. I go intentional.

And my favorite White 5 and Green 44 start shoving eachother coming up the floor and both get their 2nd T and are gone.

Never seen such a phyiscal mess. I dont think they should schedule rivalries at the end of the season. Those two missed out on their playing time in the Varsity game.

Afterwards I heard that Green 44 elbowed a referees kid who was playing in a JV game earlier in the season.

Thank goodness my assignor and a board member were watching and said we did a good job. That made for my craziest game of the year and career.

Thanks for letting me share.
BigT "The rookie"
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