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Originally Posted by Freddy View Post

RULING: (1) When a ball thrown (passed) in the direction of the
basket from behind the three-point line with the possibility of entering the basket from above is deflected by a defender, a three point
goal shall be counted. However, if there is no possibility of the
ball entering the basket from above
and the deflection caused the goal
to be successful, a two-point goal shall be counted.
While the NFHS rule does NOT contain that specific language, it's a reasonable way to rule under both codes.

If the ball has a chance to go in (and be liberal on this interp -- favoring the offense), then we don't really know whether it's a "try" or a "pass" until we see what happens next. So, score thre epoints if the defense touches the ball.

If the ball does not have a chance to go in, then either the try has ended or it's a pass -- score two points.
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