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Originally Posted by bas2456 View Post
16. Eliminating start of game/OT with jump ball--Coin toss in the captain's meeting? Nope...let's toss it up.
NFHS did not suggest starting the game with a coin toss:

21. Eliminating the jump ball at the beginning of the game. The visiting team would get first possession and the arrow would be set after legal inbounds.

I would love to hear those who want to keep the jump ball recite, by memory, no peeking at the rulebook, all the jump ball restrictions for jumpers, nonjumpers on the circle, and nonjumpers off the circle, before the toss, during the toss, and after the toss.

Note: This challenge does not apply to Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. I'm sure that the could recite all the jump ball restrictions, verbatim, all in one breath, blindfolded, with one hand tied behind his back, with no problem.

I've heard, many times, otherwise great officials, tell all ten players, "Don't move", right before the toss. And I'm sure that that's just the tip of the jump ball restriction myth iceberg.

Some, otherwise competent officials, just toss it up and hope that none of the players do anything obviously weird like a jumper illegally catching the ball, or one of the jumpers tapping the ball on the way up, or one of the jumpers tapping the ball more more than twice. Those are easy violations to catch. The subtleties of the many other jump ball restrictions are lost for some, otherwise good, officials.
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