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1 No free throws for common fouls prior to the 6th team foul of each quarter--Sure...If it allows teams to adjust and we shoot fewer FT's
2 Technical foul for slapping backboard even during a try--No
3 Quarters to halves--No preference
4 3-foot arc(aka restricted area)--No
5 Home uniforms to dark colors, visitors to white--Leave that to NFL/NHL
6 Allow a coach to request a time-out near the end of the game to allow for bench personnel to enter the game and only for that purpose.--They do that anyway
7 Shot clock by state adoption--No
8 Shot Clock nationally--Yes
9. More accessory color allowances--No
10 Allow tipped-ball signal for help on OOB calls--Some do this anyway already
11 Single signal for TC and PC fouls--Yes
12 Beginning with 6th team foul each quarter, awarding 2 FT's for subsequent fouls--Yes
13. Reset team fouls to 0 each quarter if 1-1 is eleminated--Yes
14 Permitting headbands with knots or tails and increasing headband width--Yes
15 Coaches can only call TO's during deadball periods--Yes
16. Eleminating start of game/OT with jump ball--Coin toss in the captain's meeting? Nope...let's toss it up.
17 Allow coaches to request 30 second TO if only 60 second TO's remain available--No
18 Direct T to coach for players entering game with illegal equipment--Yes
19 Screener's must be not be out of bounds--Yes
20 Dunking during pregame is a conduct warning to head coach--Yes
21 Disallowing timeout countdowns showing on game clock instead of the game time--YES!!!
22 10 second backcourt count resumes if defense causes the ball to go out of bounds, resets for anything else--No
23 Warmup gear must be removed 3:00 before game time--No
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