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Leadership ...

Originally Posted by Amesman View Post
Might be a special needs student, nobody's really sure. She also helped out with the scoreboard during the year and generally did whatever was needed
Similar situation for me a few weeks ago. Two very small schools, rivals, girls varsity. Visiting team down by about twenty with a few minutes to play. Both teams start bringing in their substitutes. Except no substitute for the visiting team captain/point/shooting guard, clearly the best player on the floor. I'm wondering why she's still out there. Then I notice a player who up until this point had been filming the game from the end of the bench. She's barely a basketball player, and barely an athlete, but she's out there. Then I figure out why the captain/point/shooting guard is still out there, she's setting up plays, real plays, to get this subaverage player a shot. The captain/point/shooting guard had several chances to score herself, but instead kept running plays, even telling players where to go, and where to set screens, on inbounds plays, right down to the last second.

I'd like to tell you that the subaverage player did score a basket, but she didn't. But I do know why the captain was selected to be captain because she showed outstanding leadership skills in that game. Pretty impressive for a teenage, high school, girl. I was certainly impressed.
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