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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post


I know I am late jumping into the discussion, but whether one judges this to be a Travel is determined by when (and in what manner) one judges the dribble to have ended. Keep in mind that the entire spin move ending with the release of the Ball by B5 for her FGA was just under one second.

When I first viewed the play I judged it to be not a Travel. I judged B5 to have ended her Dribbler to have ended her Dribble when she simultaneously touched the Ball with both hands.

Her spin moves starts after 0:23 of the video and ends with her releasing the ball before 0:25 of the video. B5's spin move is extremely fast. (And I had to left click on the mouse quickly to be able to stop action the video.)

The question is: Did she end her Dribble by simultaneously touched the Ball with both hands when A) her left foot was in contact with the Floor or, B) after lifting her left foot off the Floor and either: i) while both of her feet were off the Floor or ii) when her right foot had just made contact with the Floor?

I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that a poll would show the answers to be evenly divided between Bi and Bii.

But my more pressing concern is that I believe that the T should have been much closer to the play; I would have liked to have seen him Closing Down on the play. There was no way that the C was going to get a good look at the play because there were too many players blocking his view.

Just my humble opinion.

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