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2 person. Conference playoffs. Local rivals. V girls. Physical intense game.

Coach B (visiting) is heated after a 5 second call. Apparently felt like one of his girls was getting pushed around the floor and unable to execute in bounds play properly resulting call. My partner goes to talk to him, when coach A calls a timeout. They end up at scorers table my partner trying to be diplomatic is saying if you want that call then we'll have to be consistent on what we are calling on everyone. Coach is still irrate walks away complaining about live vs dead ball contact and dissatisifed with partners explanation.
No language though so lives to complain another day.

Partner comes to tell me not to take anymore from him about that call, that he's explained they we are calling a physical game the same at both ends and if wants to complain about cutters getting held up we either need to T him up to end complaints or start tightening up on everything and have game take 4 hours.

A few minutes later we get the the half time. Coach B approaches us to talk saying he's not complaining but doesn't think we are talking about the same thing. My partner goes back to his consistency speech. Coach interrupts him and says he doesn't care about cutter but a girl standing out of the play got shoved into the play with a push in the back. My partner hesitates then dead pans: " You're right we are not talking about the same thing". We all bust up laughing, no problems the rest of the way.
Coach: Hey ref I'll make sure you can get out of here right after the game!

Me: Thanks, but why the big rush.

Coach: Oh I thought you must have a big date . . .we're not the only ones your planning on F$%&ing tonite are we!
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