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The schools....1A to 6A. Boys and Girls have the same tourney formats.

Each classification decides its own playoff format. It ranges from 16 teams to 40 teams 2-4 taken from each league, determined by the whatever method each league chooses. It could be regular season conference standings. It could be a conference tourney. Some levels have some at large bids added to the mix. The biggest class takes 24 from the leagues plus 16 at-large bids. Seeding is largely based on a power ranking but they'll shift teams around to not have first round match-ups from the same league.

Play-In & Play-offs: Games are played at the higher seed's location up through the round of 16.

Officials Selection: Officials from the association working the home team's games (with a couple of exceptions) typically cover the games up through the round of 16.

State Tournament: Once it is down to 8 teams, the games are held at predetermined sites, one for each of the 6 levels scattered around the state. Both boys and girls are held at the same site for a given classification.

Officials Selection: Each association around the state is allocated a number of spots at each classification proportional to number of schools serviced in that classification. How each association chooses their officials is up to each association. Some have votes, some have the assignor designate, etc. Portland uses a vote by the coaches and officials.

Currently, 1A-3A are covered by 2-person crews (moving to 3 next year). 12 Officials (total) are selected to cover those games. They 4A-6A tourneys are 3-person crews (started last year). 18 officials (total) are selected to cover those games. 90 officials total across all classes. Those officials work all of the quarters, semis, and championships at the respective classifications.

While they are not necessarily all announced at first, the crews are preassigned the games for the quarters and semis (and consolation bracket games) for both the boys and girls. While it isn't absolutely true, almost everyone will work at least one girls game and one boys game. Almost everyone will work a game in each of the time blocks (morning, evening, night), meaning everyone will get at least a quarter final or semi-final of some type. Two observers are present watching all of those games. Based on their observations, they select the officials' placements for the final day (Championships, 3rd place game, and a 4th place game, boys and girls).

Obviously, a few of the officials are very happy on the last day....those that get Championships assignments. A few are disappointed. It is not unlike the teams...only a few can get the big finals.
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