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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
I would have called it if I clearly saw the spin. If I did not, then I am not guessing. But most spin moves are travels. They just are. They are really not hard to see in many cases because we are giving a player a chance to make a move that is almost impossible to defend and allowing that move. We need to call this more. And I have called it and been told "That is not a travel" but those same people cannot tell me why it is not. Why do we allow a player to stop their dribble and completely spin without a dribble and claim that is an OK move? If they did the same thing without a dribble without a spin, we would cry foul. I do not get the logic why we do not call it other than it is often hard to tell when some players might have stopped their dribble.

The thing is this -- when it's picked up THAT early, then it's easy to go right to the feet and get this. If I saw a travel in real time, I'd call it.
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