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Originally Posted by TopicalTropical View Post
I'm not calling it. Listen, when I see players get an obvious advantage then yes, but to me this is just a good move by a good player and very difficult to see the travel in real time. I don't want refs to start automatically calling a travel when they see a spin move like this.

I posted at the Wichita thread video 3 it was a travel as well. Yeah, advantage gained even if it was slight. That one I think I would have called a travel but I can't fault the refs for missing it. Another good move but the player did shift his foot after the move. This one by the girl player was in one continuous motion and people can disagree but I'm not going to call it.
Lol, you point out your own inconsistency and try to defend it. If you're only calling it when there is an "...advantage gained..." then how is this spin where the girl gets off the shot, not an advantage?
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