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Originally Posted by packersowner View Post
Had an odd one the other night.

1Q - shooting 2 FT's. I'm the T, I glance over my shoulder to see if we have a sub waiting after the first shot. I quickly realize something isn't right. The assistant coach is standing on the court with a whiteboard drawing up something for the 4 players not involved in the FT. HC is kneeling talking to a player with his back to the game. Then I realize that a student manager has brought water out to the 4 players and is also standing on the court.

I halted my partners from proceeding with the 2nd FT and said, "coach, I need you to take a seat. This isn't a timeout and we shouldn't have water on the court." At this point the head coach realizes whats happening and pops up saying, "what's a matter?" After a quick explanation, his response was, "we can't get a drink during a break?"

At that point I just walked away, obviously realizing that he is missing the bigger picture here. Any thoughts on handling this differently?
Generally I would allow this kind of standing during FT. I would address them being on the court however, they can do all those things while being off the court.
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