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Water Bottle ???

Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
Same rule which prevents A1 from running around on the court the whole game with a water bottle in his hand.
3.5 SITUATION A: What are the standards which the referee must use in determining
whether a team member will be permitted to wear certain equipment?
RULING: The referee must rule on the legality of any piece of equipment which is
worn to protect an injury. Protective equipment must be individually inspected
and approved using the criteria outlined. There are three criteria which determine
the legality of equipment. First, any equipment which, in the judgment of the referee,
is dangerous to others.
In this respect, elbow, wrist, hand, finger or forearm
guards, casts or braces made of hard and unyielding leather, plaster, plastic,
metal or any other hard substance shall always be declared illegal “even though
covered with soft padding.” Thus, the rule does not permit that this provision be
set aside. The prohibition of the use of hard substance material does not apply to
the upper arm, or shoulder if the hard material is appropriately padded so that in
the judgment of the referee it is not hazardous to others. Knee and ankle braces
which are unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design are permitted and do
not require any additional padding/covering. Equipment which could cut or cause
an opponent to have an abrasion is also always illegal and, therefore, is prohibited.
It will be noted that the listing of equipment which is always illegal is not inclusive.
It cannot identify every item which is not permitted. The generalization is
required since the referee’s judgment is necessary. The second standard provides
that “any equipment which is unnatural and designed to increase the player’s
height or vertical reach, or to gain a competitive advantage, shall not be used.”
The referee is given no leeway here and judgment is not required. The third criterion
provides that equipment used must be appropriate for basketball
and not
be confusing. In this sense, gloves, football face masks and helmets are not
acceptable. A protector for a broken nose, even though made of hard material, is
permissible provided it is worn molded to the face with no protrusions. Eyeglass
protectors are considered appropriate equipment for basketball provided they
meet the qualifications for legal equipment, including the third criterion.

Religious and medical-alert medals are not considered jewelry and may be
worn provided: 1) religious medals are taped and worn under the uniform, necklaces/
bracelets must be removed or also taped and completely under the uniform;
and 2) medical-alert medals are taped to the body (portions may be visible to
show medical information), necklaces/bracelets must be removed or also completely

The state association may authorize exceptions to the playing rules to provide
reasonable accommodations to participants with disabilities and/or special needs
or other unique and extenuating circumstances. The accommodations should not
fundamentally alter the sport, create risk of injury to the student-athlete/others or
place opponents at a disadvantage.

3.5 SITUATION C: May a team member wear: (a) shoes which have a light
mechanism or have lights which are activated by heel contact with the floor; or
(b) gloves? RULING: No, in both (a) and (b). In (a), the shoes may be worn if the
lights are deactivated. In (b), gloves are not needed to play the game and are not
considered to be appropriate.

Can we change the wording and say that water bottles are not needed to play the game and are not considered to be appropriate? I think so, but I would be hard pressed to prevent a player from taking a sip of water from a water bottle handed to him while he is near his bench during a free throw, trainer attending an injured player on the court, officials gathering to discuss an issue with each other, or with the table, several substitutions, etc. (a stoppage in action). Of course, one big difference is that the ball is live during a free throw, not so during the other stoppages I mentioned.
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