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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
Baseball has a rule to the effect that "the official shall rectify any situation when a call is reversed that places a team at a disadvantage."

I'm applying the same concept here.

For those who are not baseball umpires, NFHS Baseball R10-S2-A3l states: "[The Umpire's-in-Chief] duties include those listed in R10-S2-A1, R10-S2-A2, and rectify any situation in which an umpire's decision that was reversed has placed either team at a disadvantage."

NFHS Baseball R10-S2-A3l is really applicable to an extremely small set of situations which I would venture to say is almost 100% Live Ball situations. The best example of these situations is:

NFHS Baseball Casebook 10.2.3 Situation H: "With a count of three balls and two strikes on B2 and R1 on first base, the batter takes what appears to be a half swing. The plate umpire calls ball four and R1, upon hearing ball four, then trots to second base. The catcher throws the ball to F4 who tags R1 before he reaches base. The catcher asks the plate umpire to check with the base umpire to see if B2 did, in fact, attempt to hit the pitch. The base umpire indicates that the batter did swing at the ball. RULING: The plate umpire will declare the batter out and return R1 to first base. The umpire-in-chief can rectify any situation in which an umpire’s decision that was reversed has placed a base runner in jeopardy."

One will notice that in Baseball CB Play 10.2.3 Sit. H the Base Runner was put at a disadvantage while the Ball was Live. That is the essence of Baseball R10-S2-A3l, the disadvantage occurs while the Ball is Live.

Rarely, in Basketball does the Official's whistle cause the Ball to become Dead. Something has occurred that causes the Ball to become Dead the Official sounds his whistle to stop play so that a TO Request can be granted, or to recognize that a Violation or Foul has occurred.

In the Play that we are discussing I would ask "you" a couple of questions:

1) How Team H was put at a disadvantage by the L reversing his OoB call? L's original call gave the Ball to Team V and with him changing his call to give the Ball to Team H it could be argued that him changing his call put Team V at a disadvantage.

2) If the Original Play occurred with 0:30.0 left in the 1st QT, would "you" grant H-HC's request to let H1 return to the game despite Basketball R3-S3-A4 not allowing it?

3) Where in Basketball R3-S3-A4 does it say that we can ignore the Rule for "star" players? Where in the Basketball Rule Four can I find the Definition for "star" players?

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