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Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post

My position is that the Officials were doing what they were supposed to be doing: The L and T discussed the OoB while the C beckoned H6 into the game to replace H1 while observing the Players on the Court. Team H is given a Designated Spot Throw-in on the End Line with H6 in the game.

I was shocked at the number of officials who stated that they would allow H1 replace H6 before the Throw-in despite NFHS R3-S3-A4 and the excuses that they gave for ignoring the Rule.

MTD, Sr.
The officials huddled because one of them made an apparent mistake. Not sure that officials are "supposed to be" making mistakes.

You indicated being shocked for a rule being ignored. Huh? Officials ignore rules all the time, ergo my tagline. I would hazard to bet that every official ignores at least one rule during every game.

Anyway, this situation, involving an official's mistake/miscommunication, is not covered by the rules and 2.3 can easily be used. I agree with Rich in that explaining this to an assignor or state office would be welcomed/easy.
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?
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