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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Well, add me to the list of people that would allow them to undo the sub.

Spirit and intent count for something. The coach made a decision based on a situation that changed through no fault of anyone.

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Originally Posted by scrounge View Post
What's the harm in just slowing down and not beckoning the sub in until the discussion is over and we know who's getting the ball? There's no rule saying you have to beckon them in the instant they're ready to come in - if you see your partners talking about something (which will almost always be immediate), just hold on till they're done. Why would you disagree with that part, which can keep you from even getting into this situation?

I am going to address Rich's comment first.


V-HC knows that H6 has legally entered the game and that H1 cannot reenter the game until the next opportunity to substitute after the Clock has started. How do you explain to V-HC that you are going to ignore R3-S3-A4 because you want to be "fair" to H-HC. I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that at the very least: a) That on the morning of the next school day V-HC will be on the telephone with his StateHSAA's office wanting to know why the Officials in his game knowingly allowed an opponent's substitute to illegally return to the game which will require you to explain (n conversation that I would not to have) to your StateHSAA office why you ignored R3-S3-A4, or b) besides everything in (a) happening, V-HC is also going to argue with such vigor that he will commit a TF for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.


The Ball has gone OoB and is not not yet at the disposal of the Thrower. A Substitute is ready to enter the game. What Rule tells you to not beckon the Substitute into the game? There is no reason to delay beckoning H6 into the game, nor is there a Rule that says you can delay beckoning H6 into the game in this circumstance.

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