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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
From a Travel League I did for the first time this year:

"Both teams must keep a bound permanent book for the season. If either team does not present their scorebook at the beginning of the game, their opponent will be awarded two free throws and the ball to start the game. This "T" will be charged to the officials and not the head coach"
Why not make this an administrative technical that doesn't get assessed to the coach or bench ? But as they say over on the softball forum, LRAMBF.

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I have worked a few middle school games where the scorebook started out as a blank piece of paper, once it was unlined paper, so maybe it's not such a bad rule, just poorly written.
Yesterday, I had a girls MS doubleheader in a league I hadn't worked before. Neither team had a bona fide scorebook. Instead, each coach submitted a sheet of paper in landscape format with his or her team's information and necessary score-keeping items. After the game ended, the coaches took back their respective sheet of paper.
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